Life In Despair

But What Can I Do…..

Is that the way you feeling right now? You thinking business but you just lost your job. That’s not good. We all been there. Is very likely you feel depressed. Is very likely you think how am I going to pay the bills… And so on…I know you been thinking hard to start up a small business, now you forgot about it. Your ideas disappeared. Oh and you feel is the end..


But i am going to shake you a bit. I am going to tell you that If you are healthy, you have some food on table, there is always a light in the dark tunel. There is always hope. Further more I am going to remind you: look around on this crazy world. Have you seen the news lately.

A three-year-old pictured dead on a beach in Turkey just few days ago has shaken the world and turned the politcians in to the human beings. Eventually. But the question is: Why so late?

Alan Kurdi and his 5 year old brother were like all three and five year old boys. Full of energy wanting to play. The only differece was they were born in Syria. That wasn’t their fault either. But they payed with their young lives……So sad!

You said you lost your job, what about them people who are loosing ther lives every day. So hey remember where is life there is hope. Keep smiling and live your life with passion. Passion is energy. You know what makes you happy. You know your dreams. You see you got the choices. Take responsibility for your life. And keep moving towards your dreams. Don’t worry if you  make mistakes. You are human. Next step will be closer where you want to reach. Share your story. Share your love. Believe in yourself. You know you can do it, like everyone. When time comes don’t hesitate, step in. Take your chance.

The technology is moving fast. The world is embracing pretty much everything.


Pixabay Images

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