SmartWater Help Catching Criminals

If you live within United Kingdom you must seen a new brand of water called SmartWater. Fancy name? No. Different taste? No. So what is it makes this bottled water different from other brands. That’s the question came in my head straight way when I first saw it in shelfs of a supermarkets.Here is what I found out:

SmartWater is an International crime fighting company with an establisht track record for detecting and deterring criminal activity. We have created a wide range of crime reduction programmes utilising our cutting-edge traceable liquid products which have been highly successful in reducing crimes, such as burglary and metal theft.

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The report carry on: ” Whether you looking to reduce pilferage, protect your infrastructure and assets enchance security or feel safer at home we have a product and service to suit. Our aim is to give you peace of mind by helping to keep crime  at bay and away from your door. SmartWater is well known to criminals, who acknowledge this it represents a genuine threat to them. We have provided evidence to the police that has aided hundreds of convictions which is why the SmartWater brand is acknowledged to be a powerful crime deterrent”.

That’s what I read from their report. Next time I ‘ ll see it on the shelfs of supermarkets I’ll know that is not just a water like all the other brands. That’s a crime fighter. You see the difference now between SmartWater and other brands of water.

Now: What smart people do? Who do we call smart people?

Intelligent people are called often smart people. People who are good with maths are also called smart people. Well spoken people and creative people they are being smart. Simon Cowell went to be a world knowing music producer, Founder of X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent. He did not even finish university studies.That is not just smart, but genius too.

Sometimes when we ask someone a question they take time to answer. They are being smart, because they don’t want to jump to wrong conclusions. They are not looking for the first answer but for  the real answer.

Smart people do not think they know everything. They know how much they don’t know. So they do not have an answer for everything. They don’t  think other people are stupid.

Smart people learn from mistakes, not just their mistakes but other  people’s mistakes too.. Smart people not always are successful as entrepreneurs.

Smart people can be very strong skilled leaderships

There are not smart people or stupid people, points out Derek Sivers, just people being smart or people being stupid.

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