Down To Business

Once you publish a page or two on your blog then you start running out of steam. Your blog is your baby therefore you want to look after it very closly, you want to grow it step by step, you want to make it big you want it to be your dream. So you keep thinking what to do? How to grow your blog, how to grow your business?

Then you keep searching and researching. I always use google for my searches, and most the time I am satisfied with answers i get. Anyway let’s get to the point, let’s get down to business. Most the time every one its saying same thing, just in different ways.

Most of us got a job. Some of us got their private business, a hairdressing shop, their own restaurant, or some their own companies. It’s all about making money, that’s the way of life. It doesn’t matter who makes more money my point is all we spend long hours at work. We have to, we need to make a living. But money (we hear this often),doesn’t always make us happy. But we still try hard. Make the hard choices. By working hard each day we be away from our loved ones, wives, kids, parents. There is a wall getting between us, there is a gap and money is not making it easier. We keep asking ourselvs. Are we happy? Answer is not what we really want to hear.


What is happiness?

Happiness is not a reward is a consequence, pointed out Robert Green Ingersoll a civil orator. Many others agree with this sentiment.

So what we should do to be happy or happier?

This mean we have to keep a right balance on work time and family time. But is also depend on how is our time at work, how happy are we doing what we do. Are we happy or stressed obviously that affect us. That’s why getting a job you love, having or creating the right business for yourselvs matters a great deal. What time is left. That’s different for different individuals. But if you got a nine to five job, there isn’t much time left. It’s very likely you don’t want to do much, as you might feel tired or you might want to rest so you will be fresh for the next day at work. But there is always some time left. As little as it might be, remember that is very valuable time for you. Remember what we said in the beginning of this page: if money doesn’t make you happy, always consider time. Time is most precious resource. Spend it wisely. Spend it with people you love. Spend it doing the right activities.

Also remember happiness changes over time. Researches show young people are more likely to experience happiness as excitement, whereas older individuals are more likely to experience happiness as feeling peaceful. Therefore you should be aware that basing future decisions of happiness on current situations might not lead on great levels of happiness on long run.

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