Be Your Own Boss

Yes i would like to be my own boss but how? Thats the question?


What do you need to do? Well you need a business to give you an income. It all seem really complicated but let’s have a look.

What business would you like to start. Think. What do you enjoy to do most ? Let’s assume you like your own coffee shop. Good idea. Now you need to do some research about the location and the competitation. So you don’t want the coffee shop close to another coffee shop unless the city where you live is very busy.In that case whats next? If you found the place and thats an existing coffee shop you just get on with it. Make a business plan. You definatelly need one. And its easy to create one. Get some pen and paper and put down in writing how much you will need for each and everything. For example. Are you going to put new tables and chairs, new coffee machine, new cups and glasses, then you got to think how much money you going to spend on buying the coffee beens and everything else you need. After that you going to ask yourself how many people you going to employ and add their wages to the your spending..

Let just say everything went to £20.000. Have you got all that money?

If the answer is yes. Thats great your ready to go and accomplish your dream so good luck!

If the answer is no then you have a big job with your business plan and your passion you need to convince your bank that you can make the business work, so good luck!

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